Friday, 24 June 2011

To e-read or not to e-read?

Just started wondering whether most bloggers are big readers or not? I've found that most library staff I've worked with are big readers, although not all. Also, are many bloggers more likely to use e-readers (like the Kindle) or do they still like to read 'hard copies'? I must admit to loving both, and seeing a time when perahps libraries do explore the e-book option more readily (apparently Leicester City Libraries offer a service where users can download free e-books, although strangely for nearly all e-readers except the Kindle!)

Would be nice to see what other people think, I do still on balance like physical copies of books, but have sadly almost run out of bookshelving at home, so an e-reader is a great compromise! Plus, the cost of e-books is another bonus.

Other Blogs

Have been looking at other people's blogs as part of the next bit of cpd23 training: wow, is inspirational to see how much blogs can be developed, and also it's nice to see a mixture of the professional and the personal (is great to 'meet' the people who work in other libraries espcially).

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

New CPD23 Member

I have joined CPD23 in order to learn more about the wonderful world of blogging. I've worked as a Senior Learning Resources Assistant at various libraries for around 10 years, have never blogged before, but have been a 'lurker' and viewed quite a few. Hopefully everyone who joins CPD23 will learn loads about different areas of library looks like quite an exciting journey to set out on!